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So my friend, Amber, sent me a surprise box filled with books, along with the ones I loaned to her! She lent me The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Black Bird manga 1 and 2 (I already own 1 but she didn't know that and wanted to surprise me). I finished both Black Bird mangas last night and I read the 1st chapter of The Hunger Games. In my mind, I'm comparing it to the movie, I sorta see the actors as I'm reading it. I've already noticed big differences between the book and the movie, the book is so much better. It explained why she greatly loathes her mother, what happened to her father, why she knows how to use the bow, why the world is split into 12 districts, why they have the Hunger Games, and why everyone is so poor...AND THAT'S JUST IN THE FIRST CHAPTER!
I'm glad to have these books and it's fun having a "Book Pal" as I call her. I'm hoping to get both The Hunger Games and Catching Fire done by the time I go down and visit my family and friends in February. We'll most likely be staying in my Great-Grandma's house, in my old room, instead of paying for a hotel. I plan to head to the mall and other places with several friends and my sister. I'm looking forward to visiting my family, there are days I really want a mommy-hug.
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