Jan. 9th, 2015


Jan. 9th, 2015 05:21 pm
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So um...yeah.
My sister told me about this site when I asked for one I could just blog about books I've read and/or reading and it not really be a review, just me blabbering. uh...My real name is Ariel, I'm a stay at home house wife who likes to read, sing, and play games. I've been married to my husband for almost a year (May 14th!) and that's really all I can think of. I want to start posting everyday about what book I'm reading, how I like it so far, and what's going on in it. I'd like to do 1 book a week, but sometimes I can be a slow reader, but I will try my best.
I read a lot of books that most people my age probably wouldn't read, like the Ever After High series, Vampire Kisses, Fallen series, and so on. Currently I just finished the 5th book in the Vampire Kisses series and it honestly was agony reading it until the end, which slightly made up for the fact that you just want to smack Raven several times through out the book.
I love vampires, fantasy books/games, romance, or just fun stories that pique my interest. If it deals with Japan or Ireland, I will read though any book, no matter how agonizingly painful it gets, I will be determined to finish it.
I have never had a "blog" before so i don't really know what exactly to do, other than write my thoughts like this. I post pics and a lot of random, snarky things in Instagram and Facebook. I'm active on IMVU and I'm a creator on there, which I enjoy very much.

so yeah, there that's a little about me and what I want to do on here and why I made this!


emilily: I created everything my avi is wearing and edited the picture myself! (Default)

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