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so, just finished this book this morning. it's SO frustrating! like why can't things go right? why did both Sophie and Agatha have to ruin their own stories? UGH!!! but in other news, it ended somewhat "good"? i mean, Agatha got her prince and Sophie found someone who will love her forever (in a sense) so i guess things are a "happy ending". there's a 3rd book, and i must get it to find out what exactly is going to happen to the girls, now that their stories have "ended". the first book was better than the second in the sense of confusion, curiosity, and a new take on fairy tales. these books are "for" ages 6-12 but they have so much adult stuff in it, i believe it was marked wrong! i mean, lesbian princess (according to the ending from the last book) who want to enslave the princes, and they no longer care about how they look, smell, or act. a beauty from the last book who was Sophie's (and Agatha's) rival SHAVED HER HEAD! one girl stopped caring about her figure and started eating only sweets and gaining a ton of weight, and so on. they all changed because of Sophie and Agatha.

there are SO many plot twists and changes and confusion and emotion in this one!
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