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I mean seriously, after the games, when you already knew you were in trouble with the Capitol, why...WHY would you still continue to go out into the woods and hang out with Gale. You're supposed to be madly in love, even if it's fake love, with Peeta. In order to keep everyone I can about safe, I would only talk to Gale when I was around his family or my family, I wouldn't do it in "secret". I'd spend time with Peeta, even if it was just me sitting there watching him paint or make cakes. I'd sit there and read, or learn to play the piano from Madge, just so I could play it for him while he painted or baked. It's just so frustrating! If Gale is upset because she had to kiss and be all love with Peeta in the games, he should have told her how he felt BEFORE the reaping and the games, Peeta might have died, but I doubt she'd be in as much trouble as she is now.
I'm so frustrated with her and her obliviousness. How did she not realize that not only was Gale in love with her but Peeta too. I get that Gale is her best friend and she never wanted to marry of have kids, but she could have still had love. how do you not notice that? UGH!
anyways, I am enjoying the books, I'm looking forward to the 3rd! for now, I shall just be frustrated and irritated about her whole obliviousness and ability to not put on a show that she is in love with Peeta.


emilily: I created everything my avi is wearing and edited the picture myself! (Default)

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