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so...i haven't posted in a while...a long while...

i was scrolling through facebook one day and came upon a liked photo from my friend about a book (when i asked her about it, she didn't even remember it and didn't know what the book was about, she just liked the art on it) this book caught my eye and i instantly became curious. i started googling it and then found it on Barnes and Noble, i asked my husband if i could get it, even though after reading the description, it sounded like a knock off of Ever After High. after it arrived, i dove into it, expecting the same old "this girl is good, this girl is evil, but they want to break the rules and be different" kind of thing that most fairy tale books do now, i was completely wrong!

The School For Good And Evil is for a older crowd, maybe late teens to young adults, it's very deep, yet light hearted at times. there's two main characters, Sophie (the beautiful blonde who is vain and selfish, dreams of being whisked away to the school and live her life as a princess) and Agatha (the black clothes wearing, quite girl who doesn't have any friends but Sophie and wants to be with her and live her life in their small town forever). Sophie is only friends with Agatha because she thinks it will impress the school master into thinking she really is a good princess and take her away, Agatha enjoys spending time with Sophie, even if most the time it's just Sophie testing make up and lotions on her. they're both good friends deep down and get along well. the night of the "kidnappings" is coming up and Sophie is excited and can't wait to be taken to the school, while Agatha thinks it's all made up and Sophie will be back to her normal self the next day. all the other children in the village are busy making themselves look ugly, if they're beautiful, act good, if they're bad, and so on. the adults make a torch wielding wall along the forest, to keep the school master out. the school master slides past them in a smokey dark blur, Agatha sees him and instantly heads for Sophie's house. Sophie is impatiently waiting in her bed for the school master, she has undone her chains, boards, and locks on her window, laying out some cookies for him. Agatha eats the cookies and wakes Sophie up, warning her that he's coming. Sophie gets excited and starts grabbing her luggage and heading towards the woods, after her dad comes back and checks on her and Agatha knocks him out. Sophie starts yelling at Agatha for trying to stop her from pursuing her happily ever after, Agatha says she's wrong and they're just going to die in the woods. the school master slides up, snatching Sophie and starts flying off with her. Agatha tackles Sophie and gets dragged along, the school master keeps going, dragging both girls. he drops them onto a birds nest and the eggs cracks open, reviling a bone bird, which squawks and grabs both girls, flying off with them. Agatha starts struggling and the bird drops her into a clean blue lake, taking Sophie away and dropping her into a gunky, dark sewage like lake.

The girls go into a frenzy, thinking the bird messed up! Agatha was supposed to go to Evil and Sophie was supposed to go to good! how could the school master mess that up? Sophie's done everything she can to be a good hearted princess and Agatha loves dark things, graveyards, and has to be evil!

The girls go into the different schools, telling everyone there's a mix up but the teachers all say that the school master is never wrong.

the book goes on with plot twists and amazing things! it's wonderful and interesting and i want the second one so bad! i love the characters, the story, the imagination!


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