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so, just finished this book this morning. it's SO frustrating! like why can't things go right? why did both Sophie and Agatha have to ruin their own stories? UGH!!! but in other news, it ended somewhat "good"? i mean, Agatha got her prince and Sophie found someone who will love her forever (in a sense) so i guess things are a "happy ending". there's a 3rd book, and i must get it to find out what exactly is going to happen to the girls, now that their stories have "ended". the first book was better than the second in the sense of confusion, curiosity, and a new take on fairy tales. these books are "for" ages 6-12 but they have so much adult stuff in it, i believe it was marked wrong! i mean, lesbian princess (according to the ending from the last book) who want to enslave the princes, and they no longer care about how they look, smell, or act. a beauty from the last book who was Sophie's (and Agatha's) rival SHAVED HER HEAD! one girl stopped caring about her figure and started eating only sweets and gaining a ton of weight, and so on. they all changed because of Sophie and Agatha.

there are SO many plot twists and changes and confusion and emotion in this one!
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so...i haven't posted in a while...a long while...

i was scrolling through facebook one day and came upon a liked photo from my friend about a book (when i asked her about it, she didn't even remember it and didn't know what the book was about, she just liked the art on it) this book caught my eye and i instantly became curious. i started googling it and then found it on Barnes and Noble, i asked my husband if i could get it, even though after reading the description, it sounded like a knock off of Ever After High. after it arrived, i dove into it, expecting the same old "this girl is good, this girl is evil, but they want to break the rules and be different" kind of thing that most fairy tale books do now, i was completely wrong!

The School For Good And Evil is for a older crowd, maybe late teens to young adults, it's very deep, yet light hearted at times. there's two main characters, Sophie (the beautiful blonde who is vain and selfish, dreams of being whisked away to the school and live her life as a princess) and Agatha (the black clothes wearing, quite girl who doesn't have any friends but Sophie and wants to be with her and live her life in their small town forever). Sophie is only friends with Agatha because she thinks it will impress the school master into thinking she really is a good princess and take her away, Agatha enjoys spending time with Sophie, even if most the time it's just Sophie testing make up and lotions on her. they're both good friends deep down and get along well. the night of the "kidnappings" is coming up and Sophie is excited and can't wait to be taken to the school, while Agatha thinks it's all made up and Sophie will be back to her normal self the next day. all the other children in the village are busy making themselves look ugly, if they're beautiful, act good, if they're bad, and so on. the adults make a torch wielding wall along the forest, to keep the school master out. the school master slides past them in a smokey dark blur, Agatha sees him and instantly heads for Sophie's house. Sophie is impatiently waiting in her bed for the school master, she has undone her chains, boards, and locks on her window, laying out some cookies for him. Agatha eats the cookies and wakes Sophie up, warning her that he's coming. Sophie gets excited and starts grabbing her luggage and heading towards the woods, after her dad comes back and checks on her and Agatha knocks him out. Sophie starts yelling at Agatha for trying to stop her from pursuing her happily ever after, Agatha says she's wrong and they're just going to die in the woods. the school master slides up, snatching Sophie and starts flying off with her. Agatha tackles Sophie and gets dragged along, the school master keeps going, dragging both girls. he drops them onto a birds nest and the eggs cracks open, reviling a bone bird, which squawks and grabs both girls, flying off with them. Agatha starts struggling and the bird drops her into a clean blue lake, taking Sophie away and dropping her into a gunky, dark sewage like lake.

The girls go into a frenzy, thinking the bird messed up! Agatha was supposed to go to Evil and Sophie was supposed to go to good! how could the school master mess that up? Sophie's done everything she can to be a good hearted princess and Agatha loves dark things, graveyards, and has to be evil!

The girls go into the different schools, telling everyone there's a mix up but the teachers all say that the school master is never wrong.

the book goes on with plot twists and amazing things! it's wonderful and interesting and i want the second one so bad! i love the characters, the story, the imagination!
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I mean seriously, after the games, when you already knew you were in trouble with the Capitol, why...WHY would you still continue to go out into the woods and hang out with Gale. You're supposed to be madly in love, even if it's fake love, with Peeta. In order to keep everyone I can about safe, I would only talk to Gale when I was around his family or my family, I wouldn't do it in "secret". I'd spend time with Peeta, even if it was just me sitting there watching him paint or make cakes. I'd sit there and read, or learn to play the piano from Madge, just so I could play it for him while he painted or baked. It's just so frustrating! If Gale is upset because she had to kiss and be all love with Peeta in the games, he should have told her how he felt BEFORE the reaping and the games, Peeta might have died, but I doubt she'd be in as much trouble as she is now.
I'm so frustrated with her and her obliviousness. How did she not realize that not only was Gale in love with her but Peeta too. I get that Gale is her best friend and she never wanted to marry of have kids, but she could have still had love. how do you not notice that? UGH!
anyways, I am enjoying the books, I'm looking forward to the 3rd! for now, I shall just be frustrated and irritated about her whole obliviousness and ability to not put on a show that she is in love with Peeta.
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So I've started reading Catching Fire, so far it follows along with the movie close. There's more information that I didn't know about in the book than the movie, but still it's very enjoyable. I know most of what to be prepared for and what's going to happen, and I'm REALLY looking forward to it! I love the characters in the book, just from seeing the movie. I'm looking forward to, but not really, the part when the JabberJays trap Katniss in the hour area screaming in Rue's voice. I can't wait to read about the District 4 (?) girl who constantly screams at the Capitol for making her go back into the Hunger Games. I have til the 6th to finish it, then I'll probably demand the 3rd book from my friend! I know the 2nd movie left me wanting to see the 3rd/4th, but we have yet to see it. I'm excited for this book and things that'll happen!
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JESUS! the ending of this book...just...oh my god...I can't believe the stuff they did to the tributes. For Katniss to have to re-see Rue as a dog creature...I'm in total shock. there isn't really much I can say on this other than the deaths, the brutality, the horror. I love Peete even more now, though I started off not liking him. I plan on starting Catching Fire tonight, wonder what else will shock me!
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I'm only about 9 chapters in and I love it better than the movie, though I see the actors as the characters sometimes. I love that I finally got some info about her father and why her mother is the way she is and why Katniss knows how to use a bow and her relationship with Gale. I love this book, though she has moments that I want to smack her for her silliness. I hope to have this and Catching Fire finished by the time I go down on the 6th. Heading to the drs monday and going to see if I can get a glasses exam and maybe a new pair, If my husband has the money, though I think our insurance will pay for most of it!
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So my friend, Amber, sent me a surprise box filled with books, along with the ones I loaned to her! She lent me The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Black Bird manga 1 and 2 (I already own 1 but she didn't know that and wanted to surprise me). I finished both Black Bird mangas last night and I read the 1st chapter of The Hunger Games. In my mind, I'm comparing it to the movie, I sorta see the actors as I'm reading it. I've already noticed big differences between the book and the movie, the book is so much better. It explained why she greatly loathes her mother, what happened to her father, why she knows how to use the bow, why the world is split into 12 districts, why they have the Hunger Games, and why everyone is so poor...AND THAT'S JUST IN THE FIRST CHAPTER!
I'm glad to have these books and it's fun having a "Book Pal" as I call her. I'm hoping to get both The Hunger Games and Catching Fire done by the time I go down and visit my family and friends in February. We'll most likely be staying in my Great-Grandma's house, in my old room, instead of paying for a hotel. I plan to head to the mall and other places with several friends and my sister. I'm looking forward to visiting my family, there are days I really want a mommy-hug.
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This book is good, but the ending frustrates me. I get she wanted to go back to her family, she didn't want her father and brother to be left alone since her mother left. I understand that, but she had a chance at immortality and romance, a life with a cute vampire with dark hair and blue eyes. AND after all she'd be through, all she knew, how could she just casually go back to a normal everyday high school life? how could she trust that anyone she met afterwards wasn't a vampire? I still love this book, I just wish it would have either extended the ending into something else and explained what she did with her life or that she would have gone with Ethan instead of going home.
Next book is What Matters Most. at the rate that I'm reading these, I might be able to talk about that whole book too, but it's a thicker book than Companions of the Night and Midnight Predator. Course my husband is off work for the next 2 days, so reading might be rare and replaced by gaming and anime watching.
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So after finishing this book for the 3rd time since reading it twice in high school, I still feel strongly in wanting it to be made into a movie. It would make a great movie, if directed right and had decent actors. I love this book and the writing. The story will always fascinate me and will always draw me in. The slight romance between Jaguar and Turquoise is adorable and heart fluttering (for lack of a better word).
I've only read one other of Amelia's books, which is Demon In My View, and I enjoyed that one as well, just not as much. I'm torn between reading What Matters Most next or Companions Of The Night, both which I love. It took me a long time to find What Matters Most, I read it after high school at my home towns library, sadly I didn't remember the name, only the story. Whenever I asked anyone about it, they all treated me like I was crazy and that the book didn't exist. After Googling it, using the search words Seamus and Kathleen romance, it finally popped up!
I love these fantasy romance books, even though What Matters Most doesn't have any fantasy in it. I still need to finish the Vampire Kisses series and I'm sure there are more books to be found! I'm happy to have, so far, kept up my goal of writing once everyday and "reviewing" a book once a week, though if I keep reading them this fast, I'll have to order more to keep writing about random stuff!


Jan. 9th, 2015 05:21 pm
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So um...yeah.
My sister told me about this site when I asked for one I could just blog about books I've read and/or reading and it not really be a review, just me blabbering. uh...My real name is Ariel, I'm a stay at home house wife who likes to read, sing, and play games. I've been married to my husband for almost a year (May 14th!) and that's really all I can think of. I want to start posting everyday about what book I'm reading, how I like it so far, and what's going on in it. I'd like to do 1 book a week, but sometimes I can be a slow reader, but I will try my best.
I read a lot of books that most people my age probably wouldn't read, like the Ever After High series, Vampire Kisses, Fallen series, and so on. Currently I just finished the 5th book in the Vampire Kisses series and it honestly was agony reading it until the end, which slightly made up for the fact that you just want to smack Raven several times through out the book.
I love vampires, fantasy books/games, romance, or just fun stories that pique my interest. If it deals with Japan or Ireland, I will read though any book, no matter how agonizingly painful it gets, I will be determined to finish it.
I have never had a "blog" before so i don't really know what exactly to do, other than write my thoughts like this. I post pics and a lot of random, snarky things in Instagram and Facebook. I'm active on IMVU and I'm a creator on there, which I enjoy very much.

so yeah, there that's a little about me and what I want to do on here and why I made this!


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